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ArchAdministrator’s Time Sheet module allows users to record and store time logged for projects and office related tasks. Time sheet Data is integrated into many other areas of the program and is used to calculate project billable hours, determine project costs, track employee vacations, sick leave and more. The “Daily and ”Weekly“ time sheet views allow employees to record their own time sheet data. Employees can enter regular and overtime hours, specify phase, task, and additional detailed notes for any active project (or office related activities. Predesigned reports, charts and graphs help the user visualize the time sheet data and allows them to analyze their own performance and the performance of other employees and the firm. Data recorded in the daily or weekly time sheet is integrated with other joined databases and allows users to do the following:

  • Simplify the task of recording, tracking & summarizing time sheet data
  • Retain tight control over projects, phases and tasks available for time entry
  • Allow employees to record time sheets without accessing other sensitive areas
  • Record hours, services & descriptions for each project and day of week
  • Summarize personnel hours and wages by project, employee name or title and more
  • Determine office overhead hours, track vacations, sick time & personal leave
  • View/Print pre-designed reports, tables/charts that analyze time sheet data
  • Track personnel expenses by actual wage, hourly cost, billing rates and more
  • Obtain crosstab tables/charts summarizing services by project, phase, etc.
  • Establish employee vacation, sick, holiday hours expended for specified periods
  • Create firm-wide and employee-specific utilization ratio reports for any period
  • Quickly export Time sheets data into QuickBooks, Excel CSV, tab delimited, etc.