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ArchAdministrator’s Submittal Logs module has been designed to simplify the task of recording, organizing and tracking submittals that have been received for review and/or that have been distribution by the firm. Users can create a submittal log record for each received or requested submission specified in the construction documents. Each submittal log can be associated with a specific project, specification section number, title, and detailed description. A collection of submitted items can be associated with each submittal log. ArchAdministrator also allows the user to do the following:

  • Automate the creation of submittal logs that can be tracked/printed
  • Simplify sorting of submittals by specification section, date, project, etc.
  • Automate creation of a detailed tracking history for submitted items
  • Find & view submittal logs based on a variety of user defined search criteria
  • Organize requests, replies, reviews, distributions, required actions, etc.
  • Establish default specification section numbers and titles used on submittals
  • Log items as “received by” or “sent to“ contractor, consult, etc.
  • Delineate to whom (or from whom) the item had been sent/received
  • Specify the action required of the architect, consultant, contractor, etc.
  • Establish the quantity of (and date noted on) items sent/received
  • Delineate the name of the employee logging the submittal
  • Set status of submitted items as being ”Open“ or ”Closed“
  • Receive reminder notifications for ”Open“ submittal logs that are past due
  • Attach an unlimited number of files/documents/folders to any submittal record
  • Export data into dBase, CSV, tab delimited, MS Access, Excel and more