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ArchAdministrator’s Employee Information module is used to record an employee’s name, home address, salary, title, promotional history and more. The firm’s hierarchical structure can be established by entering each employee’s access level, supervisor and/or supervisory status. The database also stores employee titles that are used to determine time sheet hourly billing rates stipulated in the proposal/contract. Hourly cost data stored in the employee database is used to determine actual personnel expenses for projects. The Employment History view allows entry of an unlimited number of promotions for each employee. The employee’s current title, salary, hourly cost, etc. is updated with each successive promotion outlines the date, title, salary, hourly cost, etc. for each successive promotion logged. Data entered into the Employee Information module is used to do the following:

  • Establish the firm’s hierarchical structure
  • Establish module accessibility levels for each employee
  • Specify actual wage, hourly cost, prevailing wage and hourly billing rates
  • Calculate actual personnel expenses for projects
  • Establish supervisory status for protected access and data entry approvals
  • Store employee passwords for access to various modules within ArchAdministrator
  • Chart and/or summarize the firm’s make-up by title etc.
  • Create a detailed promotion history for each employee
  • List of all employees and/or currently employed employees
  • Delineate employee hourly, weekly, yearly wages
  • Summarize employees sorted by name, title, supervisor, etc.
  • Summarize employee accrued, carry-over, and used vacation/sick/personal time
  • Export data into dBase, CSV, tab delimited, MS Access, Excel and more

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Employee Information Module:

"Employee Information Module" is part of the ArchAdministrator line of products, developed by PS Software Solutions, LLC..