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ArchAdministrator’s Billing Invoice module allows users to quickly record and track invoices prepared and issued by the firm. Data from many other areas of the program is integrated into the Billing Invoice module. This data is used to simplify invoice creation and automate invoice tracking. The user can bill for specific project phases, additional and supplemental services, reimbursable expenses and more. The Billing Invoice module is joined to many other areas of the program (i.e. Proposals, Contracts, Accounting, Time Sheets, Travel Logs, Transmittals). The data from these joined databases is combined with data entered in the Billing Invoice database allowing the user to do the following:

  • Invoice based on Fixed Fee, Hourly, Percent Complete, Percent Construction Cost
  • View cost overruns, determine additional services, reimbursable expenses, etc.
  • Provide descriptive narrative subtext for each line item being invoiced
  • Log and apply client payments across multiple invoices
  • Enter partial payments and apply receipts to specific invoice line items
  • Easily discount and/or write-off client invoices
  • Log retainer payments that can be later applied to multiple invoices
  • View invoice aging schedules, project payment summaries and invoicing histories
  • Automatically determine invoice status and calculate administrative late fees
  • Generate invoices that bill for individual phases and even tasks
  • Attach an unlimited number of files/documents/folders to any invoice
  • Easily export data into QuickBooks down to the transaction level
  • Export data into dBase, CSV, tab delimited, MS Access, Excel and more

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Billing Invoice Module:

"Billing Invoice Module" is part of the ArchAdministrator line of products, developed by PS Software Solutions, LLC..