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ArchAdministrator’s Accounting module simplifies the task of recording, organizing and analyzing accounts and accounting transactions. Predesigned charts, graphs, tables and summary reports will organize accounting data into meaningful information. The accounting module is fully integrated with many other modules and data is used throughout the program to do the following:

  • Establish and maintain a customizable chart of accounts
  • Simplified entry of Payable/Receivable/General Ledger transactions
  • Record vendors bills, bill payments, checks, receipts, discounts, write-offs
  • Create and print three-part checks (customized for your preprinted checks)
  • Transfer funds between accounts and record electronic transfers
  • Quickly reconcile ArchAdministrator accounts with monthly bank statements
  • Track payments made to consultants and apply to proposed consultant allowances
  • Record/track reimbursable expenses incurred for specified accounts and projects
  • Establish AP budgets and post recurring transactions with a few mouse clicks
  • Run cash flow reports that compare projected receivables vs. budgeted payables
  • Create general ledger, profit/loss, balance sheet, trial balance reports
  • Review income/expense reports, tables, charts for projects and/or periods
  • Generate tables/charts that compare payments vs. receipts for specified periods
  • Run reports & charts summarized by account, project, payer/payee, period, etc.
  • View tables that summarize monthly, quarterly, yearly expenses or income
  • Create charts that compare yearly payments, receipts, profits, losses
  • Easily export data into QuickBooks down to the transaction level
  • Export data into dBase, CSV, tab delimited, MS Access, Excel and more