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A multi‑module management system designed by PS Software Solutions, LLC. for startups and small organizations.
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Designed by architects and specifically for Architectural and Engineering (A/E) firms, ArchAdministrator has harnessed the power of the multi-layered relational database to simplify the task of recording, organizing, and analyzing the wide variety of data and documents generated by your professional practice.

More than just accounting software, ArchAdministrator is currently being used by A/E firms throughout North America to track projects, phases, tasks, employees, contacts, invoices, accounting transactions, time sheets, project schedules, transmittals, submittals, travel logs, correspondence, computer files, documents and more.

Our clients, all of whom are architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers and contractors, perform an integral role in the development of ArchAdministrator. You can also be empower with the ability to shape the future of our software development initiatives.

Popular Functionality Modules

Time Sheet Module ArchAdministrator’s Time Sheet module allows users to record and store time logged for projects and office related tasks. Time sheet Data is integrated into many other…

Accounting Module ArchAdministrator’s Accounting module simplifies the task of recording, organizing and analyzing accounts and accounting transactions. Predesigned charts, graphs,…

Project Scheduling Module ArchAdministrator’s Project Scheduling module simplifies the task of scheduling and tracking project phases, tasks, employee schedules and workloads, project millstones…

Project Management Module ArchAdministrator’s Project Management module allows users to review completed projects and track those projects currently in development. Data from virtually all other…

Clients & Contacts Module ArchAdministrator’s Clients & Contacts module is used to record the names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. of all clients and contacts associated with the firm. It…

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Reviews of ArchAdministrator


This product is specifically designed for use by professional services firms. In our case, we are an architectural firm. We have searched in vain for 20 years to find an accounting package that made sense to our bookkeeper and also allowed the architectural staff information on status of their projects “in 3 clicks”. This is it!

The good: I can have up to the minute (last recorded timecard) information on the status of my project in relationship to fee.

The bad: the level of financial detail available, while spectacular, is a bit overwhelming at first. The personalized training we’ve received has been wonderful at helping all our staff understand what all this information means. And we’ve only scratched the surface. Now the onus is on us to take this information and make changes.