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A developer of business management software.

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What Sets Us Apart

Our leadership position is tested with each new client. We know it takes more than leading edge software to achieve customer satisfaction. Our success has been achieved by recognizing that each customer is unique. Our business policy is simple: our success is based on our customer’s success

During our tenure serving the construction industry we have maintained our policy based on two principles:

Product is important, but People make the difference. It has been said that people are not only the most important part of your business, they are the business, and we believe this to be true. We believe our people have allowed us to achieve a level of integrity, service and customer satisfaction that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Stay in touch with your customers, for it is their insights and needs that will write you road map to future success. Our customers have always been part of our family, their ideas and suggestions are cherished. We recognize that this is a service business and each client provides an opportunity for us to prove our commitment to excellence. Through exemplary service and outstanding products, Prosoft has established a large family of committed customers, one new client at a time.

Your Future With Prosoft

We begin our relationship by understanding your company’s needs. Step one is needs analysis, which is usually, but not necessarily performed on site. It is always free of charge. This is a thorough review of your company’s current circumstances by a qualified Prosoft representative to ascertain what you consider important and how your solutions should be implemented. Once we understand your needs, we can work with you to tailor our software to fit your business, as opposed to forcing your business to conform to our software.

Product installation can be performed directly by new customers with the use of step-by-step tutorials, on-line help and computer/phone training. We also provide on-site training by qualified personnel who fully understand all of our products, construction industry practices and hardware/software/network issues. Our consultation process encompass much more than software “how-to” training. Our goal is to help you reach a higher level of performance through computer automation.

Prosoft is leading the way to complete customer satisfaction!

Product Lines

  • Gemini Accounting

    An accounting software system designed by Prosoft for construction companies.

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