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Prophesy Transportation Software

A developer of business management software.

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Prophesy Dispatch & Accounting is the most powerful and affordable Windows-based dispatch and accounting system available to today’s trucking companies. It will streamline and integrate your dispatch and accounting departments, allowing you to quickly quote rates, schedule trips, assign equipment and drivers, pay bills, collect payments, as well as create, process and mail invoices.

The program is also capable of handling all your freight brokering needs. Prophesy Dispatch & Accounting allows unlimited users to access and utilize the system at the same time. While your dispatchers are quoting rates, booking loads, and tracking driver check calls, your accounting personnel can print invoices, pay bills and drivers, and create detailed financial reports, putting you in control of your company’s finances.

The program features the simplicity of single point data entry so, once entered, data flows smoothly throughout the system. This means less manual data entry for your employees and a significant reduction in clerical errors. Your employees will spend more time generating potential business, quoting rates, booking loads and therefore improving your company’s bottom line!

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