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  • Applicant Screening - PropertyBoss partners with ONLINE Rental Exchange to allow you to quickly run credit reports and criminal background checks on your prospects directly from PropertyBoss
  • Collections - PropertyBoss partners with NCC Business Services, a technology leader in the collections industry, to help you recover money you would normally write off as bad debt. There is no fee for signing up or submitting an account for collections. You pay only for successful collections.
  • E-payments - Separately purchased options allow you to both receive and send payments directly from PropertyBoss: The Merchant Gateway option supports receiving payments from residents and owners via credit card and bank drafts. PropertyBoss also partners with PayPros® and ePayAmerica, industry leaders in providing comprehensive integrated payment processing solutions for property managers. The Bank Gateway option provides a direct connection to your depository bank facilitating payments to your owners and vendors or ACH collections from your residents.
  • 1099-Misc. Services - PropertyBoss partners with 1099FIRE to assist in the preparation and filing of 1099-Miscellaneous forms. Services include preparation, TIN Matching, E-filing, E-delivery and mail options.
  • Virtual Assistance Services – PropertyBoss has partnered with Planet Synergy whose experienced virtual assistants can help with data entry and processing, accounts payable and marketing, as well as uploading your media to PropertyBoss.
  • Email communication - With the ability to send mass emails of statements (HTML and text-based communications from directly within PropertyBoss) property managers can reduce the cost and improve the speed and reliability of communications with their tenants and/or owners. The Email tool supports the ability to send general correspondence, reports, statements and newsletters.
  • Requisitions - With this advanced purchasing and requisitioning tool, users can automatically select or manually search for items from HDSupply®. If approved based on approval limits, the Purchase Order can be electronically sent to HDSupply. And, upon delivery of the purchased items, the invoice is sent electronically from HDSupply to you.
  • Prospect CRM - PropertyBoss Prospect CRM is completely integrated and provides power features such as the ability to manage and track the collection of fees, define statuses for each prospect, track the source of the prospect, define and send an unlimited number of follow-up letters and communications and move the prospect in as a tenant with just a few clicks.
  • Utility Billing - The Utility Billing tool allows property managers to quickly import meter readings from Excel, a PDA or even a third-party provider and then quickly convert those readings into charges against the tenant based upon user-defined rates.
  • Audit Logger - The Audit Logger provides detail on the type change, who made the change and when the change was made. Built directly into the core architecture and employing database-level security and audit protocols, the PropertyBoss Audit Logger makes sure nothing slips by without being noticed.
  • Check Scanning - With the use of an external check scanner, you can feed MICR account and routing info from check payments directly into PropertyBoss.
  • Enhanced Media - The Enhanced Media tool can automatically link copies of e-mails sent from PropertyBoss, copies of mail-merged letters and documents, as well as e-mails from your Outlook folders.
  • Lockbox Payments - This optional tool provides a means to import transactions from an outside LockBox company and supports a standard PropertyBoss XML format (used by SmartStreet and others), as well as tab delimited text files.
  • Phone System API - This optional tool allows integration of your telephone system with PropertyBoss data, including tracking of phone calls and automatic routing of calls to the correct extension.
  • Affordable Housing - The PropertyBoss Affordable Housing Tool provides a visual workflow tool to ensure that properties requiring Affordable Housing compliance receive the maximum allowable credit under Section 42. In addition, property managers can quickly review and manage the steps required to certify resident eligibility and prompt property managers with the appropriate questions to ask prospective residents. The LIHTC Module also allows for authorized users to determine which rules are implemented, manage who has permission to override rules and easily review historical views of how rules were implemented.
  • Web Services - The optional tool replicates your PropertyBoss database to the Web-based PropertyBoss server, allowing a two-way flow of information between your website and PropertyBoss data.
  • Loan Management - allows you to track and report on loans to tenants.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Available Add-Ons:

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