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PropertyBoss - Property Management Software

A multi‑module management system designed by PropertyBoss Solutions for real estate & property management companies.
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PropertyBoss lets you choose the best property management tools for your business whether you manage residential, multi-family, condo/co-op, student or military properties or any combination.

An intuitive, yet powerful, lease-based approach allows you to follow residents from lead through lease with the added functionality of the seamless integration of communication tools such as:

  • Web portals to connect with prospects, residents, owners and vendors
  • Online leasing applications and rent payment
  • Paperless office with advanced media archiving
  • Remote work order/maintenance tracking

PropertyBoss can be hosted in the Cloud or at your Office with multiple networked users. You also can choose your industry-specific components & terminology to deliver reports the way you want them.

Choose our flexible internal general ledger accounting or the industry’s best interface with QuickBooks and other leading accounting systems. Benefit from our unlimited unit pricing plan based on the number of users and components you need. Plus, enjoy our outstanding client care team with subscription plans that won’t break your budget.

You also have the choice of a full spectrum of “best-in-class’ partners enabling effective management of ownership interests, asset enhancements and residents’ needs. Locating important information is quick and easy with the notebook structure for properties, units, leases, prospects, task, etc. with the complexities of the accounting transactions hidden from immediate view.

PropertyBoss is a comprehensive solution that adapts to your organization’s needs. Let us customize a solution for you.

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger PropertyBoss features the most flexible internal General Ledger accounting system available in property management software to date, providing you a complete solution for…

Vendor & Work Order Management Managing vendors and work orders is as simple as point and click with PropertyBoss. Work orders can be created, assigned to specific vendors, have media attached, and tracked…

Comprehensive Reports PropertyBoss includes more than 150 pre-defined industry reports, plus customized reporting options, that allow property management managers to create, group and even…

Tenant, Lease, Unit & Property Management With PropertyBoss, managing tenants, leases, units and properties has never been easier and more flexible. Features include unlimited user-defined data fields, the ability to…

Interactive RentRoll With PropertyBoss®, property managers have unprecedented control to configure, save, filter, sort and group RentRollTM reports across standard and user-defined data…

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Reviews of PropertyBoss - Property Management Software

from June Palms Property Managment says…

PropertyBoss has allowed us to work much more efficiently and manage many more properties than if we were on a paper system. I like the ability that the forms are customizable, and that it can be tailored to our specific needs.

The good: I like that we have the ability to access the client’s or the property’s information with only a few clicks. Everyone in our office can use this software with only a minimum amount of training. I like that we can tailor our forms to the software so we don’t have to use MS Word to do our leases or late letters, it’s all done through the Property Management System. Yes, it’s a lot to set up, but well worth the effort as now we have a consistent product for our customers.

The bad: I REALLY would like to have more ability to train without being constrained by their schedule. They only offer training during the day and it’s extremely difficult to do training when the phone’s are ringing and the staff is engaged with clients. I would like to see either early morning or late afternoon sessions offered so we can make full use of the software. Also, I’d like to see the cost of the training to be a little cheaper so we could do it more often. As for the software, there are a few glitches when it connects to QuickBooks but nothing too terrible. They do have a very helpful support person that makes you feel very smart after you’re done talking with her.

from Russell Property Management says…

I have been using PropertyBoss is 2007. I use the product for both rental property and homeowner association management. This software performs nicely for both of these businesses. When I have a question or issue with the software, the PropertyBoss support staff responds in a timely manner and they are very knowledgeable on the product. I would recommend it highly.

The good: The best features of PropertyBoss to me are the portals to allow rental prospects to apply via our website and allows tenants to pay their rent and view their accounts on the website. The interface to my accounting package, QuickBooks, has been flawless.

The bad: On the rental side, we need the ability to use tablets to perform apartment turns without having to have access to the Internet. On the HOA side, we need more options to calculate late fees for unpaid assessments and other charges.


Property Boss has helped our business in so many ways. We have been able to totally modernize our operation from all aspects of property management. Starting with marketing,payment collection,operations, maintenance and much more! The team at Property Boss has been great to work with from the beginning.They have helped our business grow in the modern age of management.

The good: The easiest method of collecting rents and paying owners as well with quick pay.

The bad: The fact that if you just place a tenant for an owner and are not going to manage the property on going there is no good way to process that in the system.

from LS Real Estate, Inc. says…

I have used Property Boss for over 10 years, and just recently switched over to their new GL version. Shelly West was the consultant during the transition, and she was very professional, thorough, and helpful. By the end of the transition, all of our owners’ Trust accounts were in balance. At the time of this review, we have been on the new system for 2 weeks, and it is saving us time and we find it much easier to use than the previous system. It also gives us more tools for our clients, and we couldn’t be happier with Property Boss! Thank you, John R. Ellis President, Broker LS Real Estate, Inc. Whittier, CA

The good: We really like the versatility of the system, and that they keep updating to keep up with current technology such as online payments, owners’ portals, residents’ portals, etc.

The bad: Probably the 3-hour time difference for conference calls!

from DiPetrillo Properties says…

I am found to have a very complexed and documents student housing devlopment - both with documetns and technology. With this being said, we have various areas that we would search for either files, info, forms and links. However with PBOSS, that changed everything and brought it all together into one application.

The good: I would say since we are new to it and still experiencing its functionality, working on one desktop (Today Navigator) sure helps one plan their day! ..knowing what needs to happen - all from 1 screen view.

The bad: I am feeling more and more confident about hte software the more i use it. However, as usual i push the limits with any product of technology that i use. Though i do consider it a productive ‘trait’ that i push the limits of technology, but their are not many limits that i have reached on PBoss!

from Off Campus Housing LLC says…

Our company specializes in student housing and manages over 700 beds with a mix of scattered site residential units and apartment complexes. The product offering is robust with features that afford scale with simplicity. We can credit the software with countless savings in labor hours by automating the many tasks we have traditionally done either by hand or by having to use 3-4 separate platforms (excel, qbooks, e-pay, scratch pad, etc.) to get the same results. PropertyBoss is our 4th management software and will without question be our last.

The good: Notes Feature: In our industry where we have 3-4 residents on individual leases living in the same unit all with 3-4 sets of parents, the Notes or what we call “Notes to File” feature is simply amazing. We are able to log every conversation, letter, notice any of our agents or managers send to any tenant, owner, vendor, parent and it is documented directly on the ledger. This way all onsite and off site superiors can be well informed as any issues may arise.

Media Feature: We are able to finally have a paperless office with this feature. We can easily save all lease documents, resident & property photos, and other various docs to the residents’/owners’/vendors’ notebooks. Its not just paperless but it keeps it in order where we can easily retrieve any .pdf doc.

Customer Service: We never have trouble getting in touch with either the sales or support staff. I’d say 95% of the time we get a same day response/resolution to any inquiry (not just when we want to buy something but for support calls as well)

The bad: The online property listing portal is a nice feature but the site could use a little beautification. I love the ability to control the content but the ability to control the look/feel such as fonts & colors is a bit limited. However, when compared to all the other features the other web portals offer (Resident/Owner/Payment Portals) it’s by no means a deal breaker.

from 33rd Company Property Management says…

We have been using Property Boss for 3+ years and found the transition to be easy and the staff training was excellent! Property Boss has helped us improve our processes and increase our efficiency.

They are very responsive to questions and get back to you same day with a response.

The good: The reporting feature is excellent! You can add any parameter you are interested in tracking and generate a report.

The learning curve for new staff is very quick because Property Boss is very intuitive.

Property Boss has both a PM and HOA module allowing our staff to manage in one system.

The bad: It would be helpful for our staff to have an auto email function to owners when a work order activity occurs and flexibility to edit this as it pertains to our process.

from Industrial Leasing says…

PropertyBoss is a property management software that successfully integrates all facets of the business into a single easy to use interface. It allows the user to pay and track expenses, easily receive and account for revenue, manage and maintain a diverse portfolio of real properties, along with a host of additional features that have streamlined our business processes and dramatically expanded our managing capacity at relatively little cost.

The good: PropertyBoss is intuitive and offers numerous process paths to accomplish tasks. This decreases training time for new users and enhances the value added to our business. PropertyBoss’ ability to support multiple workstations through a networked database enables efficient real-time collaboration by our administrative team. We are currently in the process of increasing the use of our public website by promoting online tenant registration for account management and online bill pay, electronic tenant applications, and detailed property listings. PropertyBoss’ ability to integrate with our public website has made that process relatively easy to implement without any need for specialized skills in website administration or design

The bad: PropertyBoss’ notification module which enables generic letters to be populated with tenant specific information will be a great time saver but we have noticed a number of programming bugs which produce mixed results when utilizing this feature. Consequently, many of the direct mailing notifications that we send to tenants are still prepared with other software.

from McCreary Realty Management, Inc., AMO says…

We migrated from the orphaned Tenant Pro 7 after almost 15 years with them. We wanted an option to self-host that most of the other platforms can’t offer as they are cloud only. The system is very stable, works well with Server 2003 and up, easily kept updated, is very fast and handles multiple users with ease.
We were also looking for a platform that could handle single-family management AND Community Association management WELL. After searching, that is a hard thing to find.
The good news for us is that Property Boss DOES fill that slot and works great for both of our property types.
We migrated and started running live in 2012. After being on the system for 2 years now, no complaints and owners & tenants love the ease of use with the various portals.

The good: Customer service is excellent. It’s the best I have experienced with any software product. Also love that it is all in one space - no more cobbled together resources from multiple locations and websites. From application to move in to move out, we never have to enter resident info as it starts with the resident completing the online application and we never are required to enter the same information again as they progress through their stages.

The bad: When we came on with them, the Community Association datafile was not as complete as we had hoped. However, they very quickly met with us and solved the majority of the issues in less than two weeks.

from Florida Coastal Jacksonville Realty Inc says…

we manage over 300 single family and condos and have used property boss software for over 2 years now. we are very satisfied with the system as in the past systems we used had many errors with little support. property boss is quick to answer our questions and to resolve all our provlems. we are very satisfied with there system and support and highly recommend them. John McMenamy Broker

The good: ease of using the data base and the web site they created for us.

The bad: not sure


The software is integrated with Microsoft so it is very user friendly, which has allowed us an easy transition in training staff. The software has made our company much more efficient from the archaic paper style we used to use and has allowed us a one stop source for everything we do.

The good: The flexibility of the software has proven to be a great surprise. There are a lot of ways of managing in our industry and the software is adaptable to fit your needs.

The bad: It is obviously more expensive than the old way, however technology is expensive and time is money. The software has allowed us to save time and money, even though the solution is more expensive than our old management style.

from Breedlove & Associates says…

Great software and support. I’ve used it since 2005 and it’s grown with my business.

The good: To me, the best part is the web link for the website and our vacancies from our system. It’s seamless and works automatically.

The bad: Can’t really find anything negative about the software.