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Real-Fusion’s Sold/Pending Module is a comprehensive set of programs designed to manage the selling process. The foundation for this module is the sold/pending file where the information for each contract and property is stored. This file is customized for your office with the fields and screen format you desire. This file is connected to many other files such as the listing file where information on each of your own listings is stored. The system will track both the sales of your listings as well as all co-broker transactions. The Sold/Pending Module will calculate commissions automatically for each agent.

Agents have their own commission schedule for company list and sale, company list co- broker sale, and co-broker list company sale. NO DOUBLE ENTRY Information in your listing file is automatically transferred to the sold/pending file.

Once information on sale/pending contracts is entered we can then use many other programs. These include the closing system which tracks the closing process, orders inspections, and records requirements for closing.

Franchise fees are also automatically calculated and tracked. You have the option of cutting the franchise fee check on each transaction, a group of transactions, or for the entire month depending on your specific needs.

The system is completely flexible in the ability to make deductions at any level within the process. Who is going to pay for the garage door - The co-broker - The agent. The system will let you deduct the cost where ever you want. The transaction is automatically recalculated and net company dollar adjusted. A “pop up” summary screen will let you know how this deduction affects the overall transaction.

Reports are a very important part of this module. There are a large number of reports in the sold/pending module. Several formats of pending and closed sale transactions are available. There are also a large number of miscellaneous reports which can be printed.

The Agent Activity Report prints a summary of each agent’s production for a specified time period including listings, pending, closed sales, and fallen contracts. The agent summary compares the current year sales production to last year. The agent ranking report will rank your agents in order according to their closed production calculating both volume and units.

All applicable reports will divide volume and credits according to the number of agents participating in the sale.

Net Company Dollar (NCD) is tracked by agent. You can know how much of the NCD each agent in a transaction produces. Agent review reports leave the NCD off to protect this important information.

PSI’s Sold/Pending Module will be customized for your particular company’s needs. The module has multi-user and multi-tasking capabilities. Complete security at the system, terminal, and user levels provides the highest degree of protection for your data.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Real-Fusion Sales Management:

"Real-Fusion Sales Management" is part of the Real Estate Software line of products, developed by Property Software International.