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Real-Fusion’s Management Services Module is designed to assist management in the overseeing and management of agents and staff. There are several systems in this module.

The Agent Production system allows management to see the goals and production of an agent by the month for both the listing and selling sides of transactions without printing any reports.

The Agent Grading system lets management rank or grade agents according to importance of management assistance. The lunch and note systems let management set dates for agent lunches and personal notes to promote agent relations. These systems track such items as favorite snack, restaurant, fruit, music, etc. give management suggestions for note content. Mailing addresses also appear on the screen to make addressing envelopes easier.

The Recruiting Module allows the user to track potential recruits for the company. The system keeps track of the present company, production, motivations, next contact date and much more. The files can be accessed by name, next contact date, next note date, birthday and many others.

The Training Schedule defines training topics and dates. Schedules can then be printed.

The Office Scheduler file tracks dates and tasks for the office. Users of the system can send messages and requests to other staff members. Task lists can be brought to the screen by user, date etc.

The Recruiting System keeps a list of possible recruits and all necessary information for the recruitment process. Personal information such as current company, motivation, favorite restaurant, etc. are tracked and displayed in this system. Next contact date, last contact date, birthday, anniversary, and many other items are tracked. The recruiter can then retrieve information by next contact date, next note date, and many others. Recruiting advertising is also a part of this system.

The Goal Setting Module allows the user to set weekly sales goals for individual locations or branches. Reports enable the user to track actual performance verses the goals which were set showing the relationship between them.

The Data Integrity Logs allow the user to keep track of problems with listing and closing files by agent and location or branch. Reports can be printed which list the problems.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Real-Fusion Management Services:

"Real-Fusion Management Services" is part of the Real Estate Software line of products, developed by Property Software International.