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One of the most time consuming jobs in a real estate company is the tracking of the closing process once a contract for purchase is accepted. Real-Fusion’s Closing Service Module will allow the tracking of the closings as a separate function from the financial side of the transaction.

Central to the Closing Module is the Closing File which is connected to both the Listing and Pending Files. The Closing File contains information which is relevant to the closing department such as the date an appraisal was ordered and received. There are a large number of fields to track inspections ordered, payoffs ordered, etc.

Master files can be set up for attorneys, appraisers, lenders, title companies, inspectors, etc. Once these files are set up, requests letters for inspections or services can be faxed from the system.

The Closing Services module will make tracking the closing of contracts easier for your company. The connection with the Listing & Pending files will eliminate double entry and increase efficiency.

Tickler dates can be set for each closer in the office to remind them of the different tasks which need to be accomplished for each file the closer is working with. Letters can be automatically generated depending on company requirements.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Real-Fusion Closing Service:

"Real-Fusion Closing Service" is part of the Real Estate Software line of products, developed by Property Software International.