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Real-Fusion’s Appointment Setting Module for Multiple Brokers is specifically designed to reduce the number of calls coming into broker’s offices which reduces labor expense. The module also gets listing appointments set quicker and therefore sold quicker. The system also reduces the time required by listing agents to return phone calls which allows the agent to do more listing and selling.

This module allows calls from showing agents throughout a city to call one number to set appointments to show properties of other brokers. The showing agent often gets immediate verification of the showing date & time. The showing agent receives confirmation by either phone, fax or page.

The listing agent receives notification of the showing of one of their listings, who is showing the listing and the results of the showing. The agent will receive, at the end of the month, a report of all of their listings. These reports are very useful with the owner to indicate the effectiveness of the listing agent. This type of service is also a great listing tool.

The broker also receives a number of reports at the end of the month showing how many properties were shown, who showed them and the results of the showings. Most important to the broker is saving labor expense. By routing calls away from their office to the appointment office reduces the labor need to handle those calls and allows either the reduction of staff or redirection to other areas.

Brokers will also find the listing agent is most often willing to pay the broker for the service.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Real-Fusion Appointment Setting:

"Real-Fusion Appointment Setting" is part of the Real Estate Software line of products, developed by Property Software International.