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Real-Fusion’s Advertising Module is a comprehensive set of programs designed to manage the advertising process. The foundation for this module is the listing file where the information for each property is stored. The advertising file uses information from the listing file which has already been entered. This file is customized for your office with the fields and screen format you desire. This file is connected to many other files such as the agent master file where information on each agent is stored.

Once information on each advertisement is entered, there are many other programs to use. These include selecting properties to advertise, advertisement tracking, and printing ad copy.

The advertising system will automatically check the listing file to determine if a listing has expired prior to advertising. The system will also check to see if there is a pending contract for sale.

The system is simple to operate. The operator basically enters the ad copy only. No more do you have to enter addresses, sales prices, areas etc. The system has all that information from the listing module.

One of the unique features of the advertising module is the ability to have an agent show the property who is not the listing agent. Alternate listing agents may also be put in the ad copy if desired.

There are many different ad copy styles in the module. The operator may print ad copy in order by price, neighborhood, bedrooms, etc. Often times an agent desires to use the ad copy from one publication in another publication. With PSI’s advertising module, the operator simply moves the copy to the desired publication.

The Advertisement Summary and the Advertisement Tracking reports are basic to the system. These reports inform the reader when a property was advertised and in which publication.

Ad copy can also be sent directly over the phone line into the typesetting machine of your publisher.

PSI’s Advertising Module will be customized for your particular company’s needs. The advertising module has multi-user and multi-tasking capabilities. Complete security at the system, terminal, and user levels provides the highest degree of protection for your data.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Real-Fusion Advertising:

"Real-Fusion Advertising" is part of the Real Estate Software line of products, developed by Property Software International.