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Property Automation Software

A developer of business management software designed for the real estate industry.

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Property Automation is the leader in property management software solutions. Founded in 1992, with more than 20,000 satisfied clients, Property Automation has streamlined their businesses and improved their efficiency with innovative software solutions.

Property Automation’s growth has averaged nearly 60% annually, helping the company build strategic business relationships with the National Apartment Association, Hewlett-Packard, Century 21 International, and Microsoft Developer Network.

From the outset, our business philosophy has been fundamental: Look for emerging technologies, integrate them into the business practices of property management companies across the country, thereby increasing productivity and profits. We are dedicated to the business missions of our clients, and the continued development of the tools they require to achieve their goals.

Property Automation Software is fully staffed with professionals of extensive technical experience, diversity in professional accomplishments, and unrivaled service orientation. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed through a combination of individual efforts, spirited teamwork, and trusted leadership.

Product Lines

  • Tenant Pro 6.0

    A software system designed by Property Automation Software for real estate & property management companies.

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