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Customer and Tank Maintenance Pages allow the user to see an overview of the customer. All information about the tank including location, contracts, degree days, scheduling, ownership, tax and product codes are on the tank page. From here, you can schedule service or delivery orders. All maintenance information, transactions, and tank transfers can be maintained from this page.

The customer page includes all billing information and allows attachments such as lease agreements or gas checks to be attached to this file. Statements and invoices can be emailed to customers.

Our comprehensive export/import functions allow all deliveries to be imported and posted in a matter of a few key strokes, raising the level of accuracy and speed (truck computers required).

PMS has a quickbooks interface, can be set-up to automatically apply discounts, and allows budget billing.

Tank Management gives you reports that will define where the tank is and has been, how many “tank turns” it does over a selected period of time, ownership, prevention of using duplicate tank numbers, and maintenance records. Accountability of the tanks allows users a better control of their assets, and tank Management allows better scheduling of service work and records for your use and control — allowing for better customer service.