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Pronto Xi Warehouse Management System is a sophisticated warehouse control system designed to maximise warehouse throughput and customer service levels by intelligently controlling movements of inventory into, around and out of the warehouse. From maximising lines per day to minimising staff and using space more effectively, your warehouse is geared to prevent stockouts and lost sales.

Efficient and flexible warehouse Layout

Each location within the warehouse is specified in a 3D co-ordinated system. Optimal picking paths can be specified to guide the picker or replenisher through the warehouse in the most effective sequence. User defined locations are supported, including carton line storage (CLS), carousel and manual pick locations.

Picked in 60 Seconds

Pronto Xi Warehouse Management System fully optimises your warehouse processes including:

  • Intelligent replenishment ensures that delivering on time at lower cost has never been easier;
  • Optimised picking paths, cross docking and directed putaway increase the throughput of your Supply Chain;
  • Sophisticated RF capabilities allow you to run a paperless operation, enforce picking rules and replace staff training with on-screen instructions;
  • Volume-based warehouse management recommends optimal placement of goods received based on product dimensions and physical shelf parameters.