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Pronto Xi Shopfloor Manufacturing is a flexible and easy to use tool for rigorous cost control and efficient manufacturing. It allows you to effectively plan your production and ensures full visibility of your manufacturing resources. Shopfloor control manages the execution phase of the manufacturing process, while work orders are typically used to manage the planning, execution, raw materials consumption and feedback of production results. For Lean Manufacturing environments, Pronto Xi offers order-less and paper-less reporting of production, using backflush methods of raw materials consumption and progressive crediting of labour and overhead ‘hours earned’.

Efficient Mass Customisation

The Pronto Xi Product Configurator streamlines Make To Order (MTO), Assemble To Order (ATO) and Engineer To Order (ETO) environments.

It dynamically creates inventory items in response to exact customer requirements and turns them into specific shop-floor instructions. It also calculates both cost and price for each individual sales order, which minimises paper work, reduces lead times and dramatically cuts order administration overheads.

Simplified Manufacturing Processes

Pronto Xi Shopfloor Manufacturing supports advanced processes like parallel routing, multiple cavity tooling management, alternative routing streams and outsourcing. In less complex environments, labour and overhead costs can be configured as labour and special items, providing a quick alternative to a full work centre routing setup.

Other aspects of Pronto Xi Manufacturing include:

  • Multiple Bills of Materials - provides full functionality for businesses to optimise the same product in different locations for Costing, Materials, Work Centres and Routings.
  • Production Enquiry - production results can be reported using generic production feedback tools, or a large number of industry specific, customised production entry methods.
  • Alternative Routing - allows selection of a specific route, on the day of actual production, from a range of predefined routings. Special work order types and processes are available for disassembly type industries, and other special operations like rework, repack and others.
  • Lot and Serial Tracking - is supported for finished goods as well as components or raw materials. In addition Pronto Xi Laboratory allows definition and recording of laboratory test results, typically to enable product grading or printing of conformance certificates.
  • Sub-contracting - Subcontracting and outsourcing deliver flexibility and cost benefits to your operations. Pronto Xi’s superior subcontracting logic has the flexibility to handle ad-hoc changes in your manufacturing load, yet is able to accurately track both unplanned and scheduled work, within both the shopfloor and work order environment. Sub-contract purchase orders can be raised at various times. Operations, work centres and subcontractors can be modified or substituted, while goods receipt takes place using the standard purchasing goods receipt functions. Integrity between stock control of goods produced and payment for sub-contracting services is fully preserved, without any double handling, creation of dummy items or otherwise compromising inventory integrity.
  • Make to Stock, Repetitive, Batch Production - Pronto Xi Manufacturing allows flexible but efficient management of this vital hub of supply chain management in the modern manufacturing organisation.

Pronto Xi supports discrete manufacturing, rate based production, parallel routing, multiple cavity tooling, alternative routing streams and outsourcing of subcontract operations. In less complex environments labour and overhead costs can be handled via labour and special items, giving a simple, quick implementation alternative to the complexities of traditional work centre routing.

Make to Order, Assemble to Order, Configure to Order, Engineer to Order - Pronto Xi Manufacturing offers a large range of productivity tools. Simple features and options scenarios are easily implemented through kit BOMs, with or without an associated manufacturing or assembly process. Alternatively the Product Configurator handles rapid creation of totally customised product configurations, creating work orders directly, or via the Bill of Materials module.