Is PRONTO-Xi right for your business?

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Increase warehouse efficiency and shop floor productivity by utilising PRONTO-RF. Maximise order accuracy and increase the effectiveness of your inventory and warehouse management by introducing wireless data communications.

Extend your ability to reduce paper based business processes to lower administration costs, eliminate errors in standard activities such as picking, and streamline the information flow within your system.

RF allows you to electronically transmit orders using radio frequency technology from your Pronto Xi Sales Order system to your operators’ handheld or vehicle mounted terminals. It also includes options to automate stocktaking, receipting, picking, packing, despatch and replenishment tasks.

Simplify Warehouse Processes

Whether you are operating a small or large warehouse, Pronto Xi RF allows you to take the complexity out of your business processes. Automating time consuming manual tasks will simplify your warehouse operation for consistent performance and ease of staff training.

Pronto Xi RF wireless warehousing streamlines your operations reducing paperwork and double handling resulting in enhanced processes, reduced cost and better customer service.

Integrated Processing

Fully integrated, Pronto Xi RF extends the power of your enterprise management system providing improved visibility and real time processing from your warehouse operation through to other Pronto Xi modules.