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Pronto Xi offers tools to monitor your operations and assign tasks, so you never miss a thing.

Pronto Xi Alert Intelligence

  • Automatically issue an SMS to the Sales Manager when a significant customer order is signed;
  • Send an email to the Scheduling Manager when annual leave is approved for manufacturing staff;
  • Raise the alarm when inventory shipments do not arrive on time;
  • Alert your customers when their order is ready to collect.

Alert Intelligence can send messages to your mobile phone now, the people who need to know what is happening in your business can be informed immediately, whether in the office or anywhere in the world. Alert Intelligence, allows you to establish notification rules for the system to use as it monitors your business processes. Then, as your daily activities trigger these rules, Alert Intelligence takes over to send you - or your staff, your suppliers or your customers - a message. These messages can even include hot links to the underlying Pronto Xi data, making it easy for you and your staff to drill into Pronto Xi and work through the issue:

  • Send a mobile phone Short Message Service (SMS) alert;
  • Display an on-screen pop-up message box;
  • Send an email;
  • Send a fax;
  • Activate a workflow process;
  • Launch a customised application.

Wizards and Templates

Alert Intelligence includes a Wizard to help you create event definitions and nominate recipients quickly and easily. It also includes over two dozen templates that can be used “out of the box” or modified for your particular business needs, including:

  • The Accounts Receivable ‘Overdue Follow-up’ allows AR staff to process overdue invoices that now have overdue follow-up notes;
  • The Customer Relationship Management ‘Opportunity Lost’ alerts sales management when prospects fail to convert;
  • The Inventory ‘Item below safety stock’ ensures that stock levels are maintained at optimum levels;
  • The Project Costing ‘Actual as a Percentage of Budget’ alerts project managers when a project is close to consuming budget;
  • The Purchase Orders ‘Overdue Deliveries’ alerts appropriate staff when goods have not arrived by the expected arrival date;
  • The Sales Orders ‘Price Overrides’ alert can be used when a sale is raised that is below the minimum Gross Profit percentage;
  • The Warehouse Management System ‘Zero Stock’ alert raises an alarm when stock in a dedicated location is consumed.

Self Service Capability

In order to simplify the management of Alert Intelligence, a “self service” subscription facility is included. This allows Pronto Xi users to select which alerts they would like to be notified about. Of course, this is managed by Pronto Xi’s security framework so that only notifications suitable for each user’s security level can be subscribed to.

Extensible Functionality

Alert Intelligence can do more than just send notifications. It is powered by our sophisticated Event Notification System (ENS) which allows it to also launch external programs or to trigger Pronto Xi Workflow Engine processes. This combination of flexibility and extensibility makes Alert Intelligence a powerful driver of business efficiency.

Pronto Xi with Alert Intelligence is the next generation of ERP from Australia’s award winning domestic ERP vendor, Pronto Software.

Pronto Xi Task Intelligence

Pronto Xi Task Intelligence is the software that lets you easily and efficiently manage your staff and workflows. It reduces the administrative overload that managers face by automating the allocation of critical tasks, keeping you on top of your highest priorities.

An extension of the notification functionality of the Alert Intelligence module, Pronto Xi Task Intelligence ensures compliance to business operation standards giving managers peace of mind that mission critical tasks are acted upon. It allows users to be assigned to do items relating to a specific action that needs to be performed.

Clever tasks management

Tasks can be created automatically by events triggered in the Alert Intelligence module, or entered manually within the Pronto Xi Task Intelligence module.

Using Pronto Xi Task Intelligence you can define:

  • How a user is to be notified of a task that has been assigned to them;
  • How much time is allocated to complete the task;
  • The priority of the task;
  • How and when a reminder to complete the task is to be sent;
  • When a task should be escalated to another user;
  • The visual feedback about the status of a task given to the user in their “My Tasks”.

For example, a reminder to review or approve a Purchase Order (PO) within a set time such as six hours is triggered from Pronto Xi, with a hyperlink embedded in an email linking to the relevant PO. If it’s not approved within the set time frame, another nominated person (such as a supervisor) is also alerted. Tasks all stay open and visible until completed.

Ease of use and deployment

The barriers in place for businesses wanting to automate business processes are tradditional high. Pronto Xi Task Intelligence lowers these barriers by:

  • Removing the need for programming skills;
  • Including a simple, intuitive interface and a single navigation model that makes setting up and completing tasks quick and easy;
  • Providing hyperlinks embedded in the email that links directly to screens in the ERP so that users can act on these tasks quickly without having to navigate through the system;
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Pronto Xi Task Intelligence is built into the ERP system which means no further implementation is required. All is needed is to set up the business rules and you are ready to go.

What’s more, being fully integrated with Pronto Xi, all data is simultaneously updated in real-time in the system once the tasks are completed. This ensures a seamless business process flow, so that you can experience the benefits of using Pronto Xi Task Intelligence straight away