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A New Dimension in Business Analysis

Pronto Xi Data Dimensions is a new range of business analytics solutions to help uncover the information required to optimise business performance.

There are two elements to the Pronto Xi Data Dimensions: Analytics Dimensions and Analytics Dashboards.

Pronto Xi Analytics Dimensions

Analytics Dimensions extends the functionality delivered in each of the standard Pronto Xi reporting packages by delivering users their information, live from the source in the form of a ‘virtual cube’. Analytics Dimensions delivers dimensional analytics packages that allow users to build reports and perform data analysis on their data, in real-time as if it were direct from an offline cube. And as we’ve modelled the data, not only do you not need to be a BI expert, your data is always up to date avoiding the need to perform traditional nightly data updates that can often be unreliable, saving you the time and stress of maintaining your data for the purposes of reporting and analysis. Another advantage of reporting from a dimensional data source, is that it allows you the flexibility to move seamlessly between ‘levels’ of your reporting hierarchies in real-time and also ‘slice and dice’ your data so you can compare trends and performance, thus improving your understanding of your business so you can make better, more informed decisions.

Pronto Xi Analytics Dashboards

Pronto Xi Analytics Dashboards are designed to be used with the corresponding Analytics Dimension. Because these dashboards receive their information from dimensionally modelled data provided with the associated Analytics Dimensions, they extend the capabilities of Pronto Xi Business Dashboards with the addition of drill-down, drill-through, trending and ‘slice & dice’ functionality on many key metrics. Use key metrics to quickly eyeball poor performing or troublesome aspects of your business and then use the extended capabilities to find the root of the problem or anomaly and take action to rectify.