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Pronto Xi Customer Relationship Management (CRM) helps you successfully adopt a customer care methodology within your business. It allows for the analysis of customer and prospect needs, identification of the customers that require the most attention, and implementation of business processes that deliver superior customer service and promote repeat business. Pronto Xi CRM is also seamlessly integrated with other Pronto Xi business functions to ensure multiple “touch points” are tracked and managed correctly.

Pronto Xi CRM is especially designed for customer facing personnel performing sales, service and customer relationship functions. The ability to enter and retrieve transactional information (such as incoming calls, information sent etc) at high speed in real time provides your organisation with the most up to date and relevant customer information possible. Comprehensive opportunity management and visibility enables sales staff to work their sales pipeline with a focus on results, not just tasks.

Pronto Xi CRM has the features and capabilities you expect with the benefits of seamless integration:

CRM Console – Your single point of reference for CRM functions.

Address Book and Contact Manager – Store and manage your customers, prospects and companies with integrated MSN map links functionality.

Lead Management – Create, track and qualify leads with the ability to selectively convert a lead to an opportunity. Upon conversion, all transaction history remains intact.

Opportunity Management – Manage your sales pipeline. Opportunity Management helps sales teams manage opportunities and identify their progress to plan the best strategy for closing deals. Each opportunity can be weighted in accordance with the likelihood of success.

Sales Management – Detailed sales information about your customers and prospects at your fingertips.

Data Mining – Segment, extract and manage portions of your Pronto Xi customer database with this interactive tool.

Time Management – Keep detailed records on customer interactions, create follow up activities for your prospects, manage your day-to-day sales activities and synchronize your activities with Microsoft Outlook.

Marketing Campaign Management – Keep track of your marketing efforts with Pronto Xi CRM. All marketing activity is updated dynamically with key information available at a glance.