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Professional report authors produce professional quality content for others to consume. They want to dig deeper into the data and build complex reports.

Pronto Xi BI Designer provides the reporting solution to deliver on these requirements with advanced report building and capabilities that enable enhancement, customisation and management of professional reports.

It also allows authors to create reports containing a full range of visuals and objects. These include charts, cross tabs and lists, as well as non-BI components such as images and logos that can be linked to the information.

The WYSIWYG capability allows report authors to build, interact with, share and analyse results to follow a train of thought and generate a unique perspective around critical business information.

A collaborative workflow enables authors to create, distribute and share reports with other business users – in different report formats, languages and locations.

BI Designer allows organisations to extend the boundaries of traditional reports, giving professional authors unprecedented ways to view and communicate business performance.

Active Reports

Managed dashboards are often difficult for report authors to create, and can require coding skills. A steep learning curve is usually required to master the techniques and create composite report applications. It is also difficult to distribute and share these interactive reports unless users are connected to the system.

Active Reports provide a rich set of controls, allowing experienced professional report authors to build interactive reports for the business. The highly visual, intuitive interface lets developers quickly create these sophisticated report applications.

The software extends the reach of the BI workspace by allowing authors to create repor ts while disconnected from the network. Users can also access dashboards as email attachments instead of through a website that requires network connectivity.