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ProGestion Informatique

A developer of business management software.

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PGI’s multidisciplinary team comprises knowledgeable experts in the fields of information system and database management, as well as seasoned project managers.

Our Vision: Your Success

Our vision is to become a reference in simplified business intelligence solutions to help executives and managers succeed. As such, we want to provide our clientele with a range of services and solutions that respond to different management and consolidation needs.

What does simplified business intelligence mean? To make it easier for business leaders to obtain information.

This concept consists of providing decision-makers the technological tools to simplify data legacy recovery. Our pull business intelligence (pull BI) approach allows executives to gain control over a very large part of the process for creating management dashboards and comparing management indicators. Data extracted from normalized and standardized sources can serve to guide business operations. The synergy resulting from an executive drawing on his or her professional experience and the flexibility and intuitiveness of use offered by our solution is an added value that enhances and supports the decision-making process. Implementing a proactive management method using actionable data will boost efficiency.

Converting warehoused data into actionable data represents a considerable ROI, given the major investments made over the years in warehousing data.

Our mission: Our mission is to offer our clients quality, adaptable and evolving solutions backed by first-rate professional services.

We are committed to delivering cost-effective solutions and services within established deadlines, thanks to our competent personnel, sound processes, good financial health and sustained, rigorous management.

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  • Solstice

    A software system designed by ProGestion Informatique.

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