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Profit Systems Inc.

A developer of business management software.

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Profit Systems Inc. provides three different products: EventPro is for individual facilities & venues that host and manage events. EventPro Planner is specifically designed for Event Planners that organize all aspects of events with multiple venues. PMXpert focuses on preventive maintenance for equipment, cities, buildings and more. Established in 1985, Profit Systems Inc. began with developing software for event venue management and preventive maintenance, eventually creating two subsidiary companies: EventPro Software and PMXpert Software. To satisfy the demand from our event planner clients, we developed a third product, EventPro Planner, under the EventPro division. All of Profit Systems Inc.’s products have exploded onto the international marketplace, impressing clients in a large variety of industries and providing them with an outstanding resource for their needs. In addition to software solutions, Profit Systems Inc. also provides training, support and custom development. We are able to serve a wide variety of clients all over the world from our head office in North America, and company branches in Australia and the United Kingdom.

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  • PMXpert

    A CMMS system designed by Profit Systems Inc.

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