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Profit Solutions International

A developer of business management software.

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PSI is a process-driven company. We manage and integrate business processes on behalf of our customers, so it makes sense that we emulate the quality management and reporting processes that our customers rely on. It’s good business practice.


We work with the leading providers of systems and applications that comprise complete ERP solutions. These strong relationships ensure that PSI consistently delivers.

Cost Management

While ERP implementations often get out of control, PSI is committed to the original estimate for each project. That ensures a low Total Cost of Ownership.

Flexible Solution

PSI delivers a proven system that is customized to each company’s unique and proven business processes.

High Success Rate

We have consistently delivered successful ERP implementations. We do whatever it takes to make sure your project is successful. That’s our commitment.

Product Lines

  • LeanEra Distribution

    A software system designed by Profit Solutions International for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

    0 reviews
    • LeanEra Manufacturing

      A web-based software system designed by Profit Solutions International for manufacturing companies.

      0 reviews
      • LeanEra Project

        A full ERP system designed by Profit Solutions International for commercial & service and construction companies.

        0 reviews

        Market Focus

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