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The Smart Executive Financial Software Purchase Order (TSEFS P/O) will enable your company to place, modify, track, and receive orders in various currencies.

It retains a purchasing history that can be kept indefinitely and viewed at anytime. Purchasing information can be displayed or printed using a wide variety of filters.

TSEFS P/O is available in single and multi-user versions and can function as a stand alone module or can be fully integrated with TSEFS I/C, A/P, PJC and G/L Modules.

Features & Capabilities

  • User can assign a 10 or less alphanumeric code to new P/Os.
  • User can establish or reset a starting number to be used for the P/O automatic numbering system.
  • Automatically assigns P/O number when new P/O number is unspecified.
  • Handles P/Os for registered and new suppliers.
  • Ability to apply a fixed amount or percentage discount to a P/O.
  • Non-stocked items can be entered and received on P/Os.
  • Ability to receive items on P/O, in selective warehouses.*
  • Ability to reverse P/O when received in error.
  • Option to print P/Os on plain paper or user defined pre-printed forms.
  • Allows unlimited notes and comment lines on P/Os.*
  • Allows on screen P/O modification before P/O is finalized.
  • Ability to email or fax P/O in addition to regular dispatching options.
  • When interfaced with TSEFS I/C, will automatically allow user to generate P/O for the products registered vendors supply.
  • Allows user to specify flexible ship-to addresses for P/Os.*
  • Auto P/O generator that displays pass purchase quantities for selected intervals while showing current stock level and suggested order quantities for the products supplied by registered vendors.
  • Ability to receive some or all items on P/O and to close or keep P/O open when partial shipment is received.
  • Ability to cancel P/O after promised date has passed.
  • Option to add detailed additional costs to items when P/O is received.
  • User has the option to post P/O to A/P and G/L upon receiving P/O.
  • Ability to recall purchasing history by purchase order number, time period, vendor or SKU number.
  • Ability to do P/O enquiry by product or supplier number without changing status of P/O.
  • Updates inventory on-order record automatically, when purchase order is issued.
  • Updates inventory on hand record automatically, when items are received.
  • Supports fractional quantities to three decimal places.

Other Applications

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"Purchase Order" is part of the TSEFS (The Smart Executive Financial Software) line of products, developed by Proficient Business Systems.