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The Smart Executive Financial Software Inventory Control (TSEFS I/C) is designed to provide accurate, comprehensive and fast information for stock control, purchasing, sales and manufacturing. With its powerful Real Time Inventory Control features, you will have the tools needed to ensure that you are never over or under stocked, but always on target.

The customizable design allows small and medium size manufacturers, builders, whole-sellers, distributors, retailers, importers, exporters, contractors and service-oriented professionals to fine-tune this business application to effectively control their inventory.

TSEFS I/C is available for either a single user or multiple users. Although it can function as a stand-alone module, however, when integrated with TSEFS S/O, A/P, P/O and PJC Modules, a winning and effective solution for your business management needs, will be realized.

Features & Capabilities

  • Only authorized users can access TSEFS I/C information.
  • Customisable control features.
  • Supports multiple warehouses up to a maximum of ninety-nine (99).*
  • Permits inventory transfers among warehouses.*
  • Each product is maintained by 12 or less alphanumeric character code with an additional 2-character warehouse code.
  • Unlimited product or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) numbers.*
  • Supports two (2), thirty (30) character lines of product description, which can be in one or two different languages.
  • Ability to restore or recover deleted product information before I/C Clean-up function is used.
  • Ability to completely remove all deleted products from file to recover and re-use disk space.
  • Retail pricing structure can either be by quantity-breaks or an 8-level fixed pricing system.
  • Allows you to define case specification charts for individual products.*
  • Ability to periodically set-up special pricing on individual products for all or selected customers.
  • Ability to mark-up or markdown selling prices for all or selected items.
  • Stock stored either by unlimited bin locations or lot numbers with date received and costing info.
  • Ability to establish and maintain minimum and maximum stock levels for each product.
  • Maintain unlimited suppliers with pricing and ordering information for each product.*
  • Shows outstanding P/Os with expected date, etc. for each product.
  • Ability to scroll through items for easy update and enquiry.
  • Costing based on weighted average method.
  • On screen statistics for quantities ordered, received and sold for each item for each month in fiscal year. *
  • Alternate SKU number to be substituted for out of stock items (unlimited alternates).
  • Allows standard or multiple retail sales tax rates for each item.
  • Ability to group products by category or product line.
  • Ability to set up multiple UPCs and associated customers for each product.*
  • Extensive data is maintained on each item such as: - SKU #, description, pack/size, category, unit of measure, 14- alphanumeric UPC, weight, quantity on hand, quantity committed, quantity available, quantity back-ordered, minimum stock, maximum stock, quantity on order, date ordered, date expected, supplier, supplier’s product code, supplier’s minimum order quantity, lead time, last purchase, last sale, etc.
  • Ability to flag individual products as discontinued or re-activate discontinued products.
  • Allows inventory adjustments e.g. sale, sale return, receiving, purchase return, stock removal and on order with a complete audit trail for all adjustments.
  • Comes with an extensive production function, which uses various components to produce finished products, schedules production, identifies product shortages and maintains a production log.*
  • Means only available in TSEFS Advanced Edition.

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"Inventory Control" is part of the TSEFS (The Smart Executive Financial Software) line of products, developed by Proficient Business Systems.