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The Smart Executive Financial Software Bank Account Manager (TSEFS B/M) is a must have bank reconciliation software which captures and retains all of your company’s financial transactions thereby reducing the cost and time spent monthly to reconcile with your financial and commercial banks.

TSEFS B/M gives you accurate and up to date information on the finances of your business to help you make crucial business decisions.

It is available for either one or several users, can function as a stand alone module or can be integrated with TSEFS Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales Order, Project & Job Costing and General Ledger Modules.

Features & Capabilities

  • Only authorized users can access TSEFS B/M information.
  • Manages bank information for multiple companies.
  • Retains financial institutions information to be used for direct deposit of employees payroll and any other direct credit or debit transactions you may choose to perform.
  • Allows two (2) digit Bank Account ID Number for easy reference to commercial bank accounts.
  • Extensive data is maintained on each account such as:- transit and account number, name and location of account, type of account, contact at bank, phone number, fax number, account holder, line of credit, line of credit used, last date for advance from line of credit, available credit, YTD service charges, YTD interest charges, YTD overdraft charges, actual balance, reconciled balance, amount to be reconciled, etc.
  • Captures and retains all Cash receipts, A/P & Payroll cheques and G/L bank transactions.
  • On screen detailed or summarized statistics for all transactions, for each account for each month in fiscal year.
  • Ability to monitor line of credit, service, interest and overdraft charges.
  • Ability to enter, update and delete in-house bank transactions.
  • Ability to perform in-house reconciliation on screen.
  • Ability to print in-house bank statements for selected transactions within a specified date range.
  • Ability to clear reconciled transactions for selected periods.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Bank Account Manager:

"Bank Account Manager" is part of the TSEFS (The Smart Executive Financial Software) line of products, developed by Proficient Business Systems.