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The Smart Executive Financial Software Accounts Receivable (TSEFS A/R) will help to increase your cash flow by providing instant reviews of customers’ current open receivables, past due invoices, sales volume, payment habits and credit standing.

Customer accounts are updated automatically when invoices and credits are processed and posted through TSEFS S/O (Sales Order) or TSEFS PJC (Project & Job Costing) modules. From within TSEFS A/R, you have the option to control selling prices, shipping, holding and releasing sales orders and/or services for any customer.

TSEFS A/R cash receipt function is very flexible and easy to use, allowing a wide range of possibilities to receive and apply customers’ payments and over-payments. This accounting software application is available in either single or multi-user versions. It can function as a stand-alone module, but when integrated with TSEFS G/L, Bank Account Manager, P/O, S/O or PJC and I/C modules, it is one of the priceless links for a complete, one-stop, business software solution, which will for many years, continue to satisfy and exceed your business management needs.

Features & Capabilities

  • Only authorized users can access TSEFS A/R information.
  • Will perform all A/R functions in a multi-company environment.*
  • Unlimited customer accounts and receiving departments.*
  • Each customer account can be maintained by a twelve (12) or less alphanumeric code.
  • Ability to recall customers by either customer number, name or telephone number.
  • Ability to restore or recover deleted customer information before A/R Clean-up function is used.
  • Ability to completely remove all deleted customers from file to recover and re-use disk space.
  • Shows total outstanding A/R during on screen look-up of customers’ accounts.
  • Ability to keep unlimited notes on individual customer accounts.*
  • Ability to assign and maintain the type of currency for each customer account.
  • Maintains open item accounting by customer.
  • A/R reports show vendor account balances in both customers’ and local currencies.
  • Group customer by type, territory/region and sales associate.
  • Maintains customer’s contact, telephone and fax numbers, email address and web site.
  • Terms, credit limit, number of NSF incidents and retail sales tax numbers kept for each customer.
  • Credit limit verification for orders and invoices.
  • Maintains EDI information for invoices and credits transmission.*
  • Ability to set-up or establish receiving departments for each customer.*
  • On-screen monthly sales target, sales, receipts and gross profit statistics for each customer. *
  • Ability to enter and post customer invoices and memos directly to A/R and G/L.
  • Ability to enter and post customer billings to Jobs and Tasks.*
  • Supports partial, full payment and reversal of receipts.
  • Supports write-off for un-collectable service charge and applying discounts while recording customer payments.
  • Ability to keep fully paid invoices for a fiscal year.
  • Ability to recall and show internal notes for individual invoices and related transactions.
  • Ability to periodically remove fully paid invoices from file.
  • Ability to calculate finance charge on over due accounts.
  • Unlimited shipping addresses with detail of sales for each shipping address. *
  • Prints customer A/R statements in user defined format.
  • Ability to suspend customer account, hold or release orders and invoices.
  • Means only available in TSEFS Advanced Edition.

Other Applications

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"Accounts Receivable" is part of the TSEFS (The Smart Executive Financial Software) line of products, developed by Proficient Business Systems.