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Professional Data Systems

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the distribution industry.

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Professional Data Systems, Inc was formed in 1991 to create distribution software, which was designed for the small to mid-sized distribution company. Using the advantages of modern tools, we designed a serious software package for the distribution industry that is:

  • Low Cost
  • Easy to use
  • Deep with functionality
  • Supported by humans on the first try, without voice mail
  • Lower cost to install and maintain
  • Updated in timely fashion
  • Works with Windows 2003 Server Operating System

PDSI Industry Applications Include:

ProTrac: Software for the Durable Goods Distributor who needs extensive Look Ups at a Counter or Sales Desk. Includes extensive Pricing capabilities.

ProLinc: E Commerce software to give a customer the ability to create a new order or view open or closed orders. Customer can also review their Accounts Receivable history and Aging.

ProTool: Software designed for the distributor who serves the Professional Building Trades Contractor, Including Serial Number and Repair Tracking.

ProFastener: Software designed to give the distributor of Fasteners the ability to handle Quality Assurance, Lot Tracking and warehouse Labeling of containers.

ProElectric: Software designed for the Electrical Distributor, including capturing Rebates for multiple Vendor Rebate Programs. Software also designed to work with Electronic Pricing Services.

ProPlumbing: Software designed to handle the distributor of Plumbing Supplies, including searches by size of pipe, Electronic Price Updates.

ProElectronics: Software designed to handle the complexities of the Electronic distributor who needs Quotes, Assemblies and Kits, Dis-Assemblies.

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