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The Work Order module allows you to generate work orders intended for jobs constructing or retiring capitalized plant assets, such as poles and wire. The Work Order module follows the RUS work order procedure system. Work orders are closed on an as needed basis, and as they are closed, costs are moved from the work in progress account to the plant account. The Word Order module is designed to handle the detailed accounting needs required by RUS.
Some of the key features and benefits of the Work Order module include:

  • Comprehensive Cost Collection - Any transactions (with a work order number) entered in the Payroll, Accounts Payable, Inventory and Transportation module, result in the automatic updating of the Work Order Module. Since the Work Order module is updated the instant a transaction takes place, the Work Order module will always accurately reflect your work order costs at any point in time.
  • Cost Tracking - To allow you to define how costs are categorized, you are able to assign categories to each cost transaction posted to a work order. Some of the common categories include: labor, material, and overhead. You are also able to define Work in progress accounts in the chart of accounts. This will require the entry of a work order for certain accounts, and will never allow a work order to be entered for other accounts; thereby optimizing data entry accuracy
  • Audit Control - A strong audit trail is compiled because the Work Order module tracks all costs posted to work orders back to their original entry.
  • Work Order Data - Each work order carries a number of properties useful for inquiry and reporting, such as type of work order, RUS loan and 219 codes, start completed- closed dates, customer name, etc.
  • Staking Sheets - Assemblies, being an integral part of the work order process, can consist of one or many inventory items (and can create or many plant asset items). From the assemblies associated with a work order staking sheet, a material pick list can be generated and can be used to relieve inventory. A detailed list of plant assets to be installed or retired can also be seen once the staking sheet has been entered.
  • Reporting - Some of the reports available in the Work Order module include:
    • work order listing
    • open work order listing
    • account distribution
    • category summary
    • material pick list
    • tabulation of record units
    • distribution and unitization of plant
    • cost of removal summary
    • RUS-submitable Form 219
    • and several others.
  • Work Order Close - During the work order closing process you are able to unitize costs posted to multiple construction work in progress accounts or retirement work in progress accounts
  • Additional Features of the Work Order module include:
    • Work orders can consist of one or many staking sheets.
    • Produces RUS-approved Form 219.
    • RUS codes track Form 219 inventory number, RUS 740C, loan ID’s and budget codes.
    • Work orders can be identified by tax ID or school district for property tax reporting.
    • Relieve inventory directly from work order pick list screen.
    • Supports blanket work orders.
    • Able to integrate with MultiSpeak staking applications.
    • Produces miles of line reports necessary for property tax reporting for some states.
    • Compliments a utility staking and engineering application.

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