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The Inventory module tracks the receipt and issuance of inventory from a warehouse or multiple warehouses. The Inventory module is your Utility organization’s complete solution to all of your inventory control needs. Inventory items can be allocated to General Ledger maintenance accounts, Work Orders, or Projects. The Inventory module can also track Rural Utilities Service assembly units.

Some of the key features and benefits of the Inventory module include:

  • Seamless Integration - Inventory transactions result in the automatic update of one or more of the following (applicable) modules: Purchase Order and Accounts Payable, Work Orders, Accounts Receivable, Project Costing, Transportation, and General Ledger.
  • Extensive Tracking - The Inventory module allows you to maintain many types of inventory, such as: construction inventory, resale inventory, truck parts and supplies, expensed items, etc.
  • Physical Inventory - Physical inventory counts can be entered into the Inventory module. This will then result in the updating of inventory quantities and values and the creation adjusting General Ledger journal entries. Inventory allows for cycle counts of selected inventory items as well as an annual physical count.
  • Reporting - Some of the reports available via the Inventory module are: stock levels, balance report, sales prices, reorder points, detailed batch and transaction reports, warehouse quantities, and physical inventory count sheets, as well as many more.
  • Negative Inventory - Each inventory item has the option of going negative, or being prevented from going negative. You many need to use this feature to resolve timing issues, resulting from issuing the materials before the receipt has been processed.
  • Additional Features:
    • Inventory item numbers may be defined with up to 20 alpha/numeric characters.
    • Inventory items can be issued directly to work orders
    • Multiple warehouses, and bins within warehouses can be setup
    • Fully tracks purchase date, cost, and vendor catalog number per purchase, with integration to the Purchase Order module.
    • Assembly units used in conjunction with the Work Order module are maintained in the Inventory module.
    • Serial numbered tracking supported
    • Track and report on the quantity of inventory items, allowing you to prevent an item from falling below a reorder point.
    • Automatically updates inventory quantities and value from Purchase Order receipts.

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