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The Fixed Assets module is intended for non-utility plant assets, such as office furniture, office equipment, trucks, and buildings. The main functions of the Fixed Assets module are to keep a record of this information, calculate depreciation, and calculate depreciation of utility plant on a group or GL account basis. The Plant Assets module will separately handle the construction and retirement of utility assets, such as poles, wire and meters.

Some of the key features and benefits of this product include:

  • Fixed Assets Management - The Fixed Assets module boasts comprehensive recording, tracking and analyzing functions for fixed assets. This will help you gain control to make better decisions
  • Fixed Assets - Tangible assets (i.e. office furniture, equipment, etc.) and purchase information are tracked.
  • Asset Defaults - Every asset in the system is assigned a “class ID” which acts as a template to automatically populate the Fund, Sector, GL Account, and Project fields.
  • Additional features of the Transportation module include:
    • Asset Group Code easily creates and defines custom asset groups
    • Calculates depreciation of general plant assets based on straight-line depreciation and seamlessly integrates with General Ledger, Transportation and Project Costing.
    • Ability to calculate depreciation of utility plant based on General Ledger account balance.
    • Several reports present the precise data needed for making fast, accurate decisions examples of reports include: asset balance, asset master listing, asset summary, and asset class maintenance.
    • Allows multiple notes to be added to the asset, asset class, and depreciation batch.
    • Application allows the depreciation to be calculated if a new asset was entered after depreciation was calculated for the month.
    • Tracks depreciation information such as salvage received, retired date, estimated salvage, cost basis, depreciation basis, remaining basis, remaining life, and estimated next month depreciation.
    • Reports can be selected by class, group, and asset codes, either individually or as a range of assets.

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"Fixed Assets" is part of the Utilit-e Insight line of products, developed by Professional Computer Systems.

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