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The Cash Manager module gives you all you need to manage your cash. The Cash Manager module is, in essence, a subsidiary ledger that maintains the transaction history for cash accounts you setup. Cash accounts can be checking or savings accounts; and other cash-like accounts (i.e. short or long-term investments). The Cash Manager module gives you a central repository for all the data that compiles your cash position. The Cash Manager module will automate the process of maintaining real-time cash account balances in total by bank account and across funds at the General Ledger level.

The Cash Manager module provides you with seamless integration to the Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger modules. Since the Cash Management capabilities are so heavily integrated you will never have to manually enter or track cash transactions and accounts again. Additionally, the Cash Manager module supports an unlimited number of bank accounts or institutions. Bank accounts can be tracked by: account number, bank account name, status, bank name, address, last check number, or wire transfer number.

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"Cash Manager" is part of the Utilit-e Insight line of products, developed by Professional Computer Systems.

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