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The Capital Credits module gives you a solution to manage your membership activities. The Customer Credits module will manage member information such as: allocation records, general, estates, and early retirements. All financial transactions in this module are seamlessly integrated into the general ledger, resulting in the appropriate postings.

Some of the key features of the Capital Credits module include:

  • Patronage - The billing application will interface with this module, allowing patronage amounts to be automatically processed in Capital Credits. Tracking of Patronage & Allocation amounts is done by individual services. Reports are available for patronage in total and for each member.
  • Allocations - Allocations in the Capital Credits module are based on total dollars and not an allocation factor. Reports are available for allocations by year, allocation group, member account and location. Allocation information can be conveyed in one of three methods via allocation notices, printed on retirement check, or printed on billing statement. There is an unlimited number of allocation groups possible such as Distribution, G&T, and Transmission.
  • Retirements - Retirements can be performed at any time, as general, early, or estate retirements. The program has the ability to apply retirements to bad debts and/or billing accounts - in full or based on minimum or aged balance parameters.

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"Capital Credits" is part of the Utilit-e Insight line of products, developed by Professional Computer Systems.

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