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The Accounts Receivable module is designed primarily for “non-energy“ receivables, such as the sale of inventory, insurance charges to directors, property damage charges, billable wiring work, etc. The Accounts Receivable module will manage the preparation of invoices, acceptance of payments, and the computation of finance charges.

Some of the key features of the Accounts Receivables Module include: * Detailed Inquiry - In the Accounts Receivable you can perform an inquiry on any customer’s account. The ”drill-down“ features allow you to find the original source documents (invoices) for any transaction within an account. You are able to display or print original invoice payments, current open items, and a real-time account aging * Customer Defaults - By establishing a ”customer class“ code for each customer, you will enable default sales code, tax group, terms, salesperson, deposit bank account to be stored. This will drastically reduce the amount of data entry required to process each receivable.
* Invoice Generation - The Accounts Receivable module can create quotes to be given to a customer. These quotes are based on sales codes and prices, invtory prices, and sales tax. Once a quote is entered, the quote can be pulled into the invoice entry screen and maintained, then posted to create an invoice. * Credit Tracking - Within the Accounts Receivable module you can set credit limits for each customer. If a customer has reached their credit limit, the system will automatically and immediately flag their invoices. You are given the option of over-riding credit limits. * Account Relationships - The Accounts Receivable module allows you to setup both primary and secondary accounts. This allows you to associate several accounts under one customer, giving you an added degree of flexibility. * Recurring Invoices - This system fully supports recurring invoices. Each recurring invoice contains reference ID, customer and account number, terms, description, frequency of invoice, beginning date, ending date, salesperson, shipping instructions, notes, and all transactions detail. They can be setup to occur on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual basis. * Tax Computations - The Accounts Receivable module is capable of tracking an unlimited number of taxing jurisdictions for an unlimited number of customers (i.e. the ability to handle federal, state, county, city and other local taxing authorities.) * Point-of-Sale - If your Utilities Organization performs the over-the-counter sale of goods, the Accounts Receivable module contains a Point-of-sale capability. This can be tied to a cash register with the functionality to finalize a sale, compute change, open the cash drawer, and print a receipt. * Invoice Entry - This module supports several different invoice types: Invoice on account, cash invoice, adjustment on account, cash adjustment and finance charges. When an invoice is entered sales commissions are automatically calculated. Invoices can be paid for by cash, check, or credit card. Upon entry, payment due dates are immediately calculated based on the invoice date and terms described within. Invoices can be created by converting a sales quote, and inventory values and cost of goods sold are automatically updated when this happens. * Customer Information - Some of the features of the customer control capabilites of this product include: * Set Customer status to active, inactive and on-hold. Payments, cash sales, and/or credits can only be entered to an account on-hold. * Flexible customer ID’s, up to 10 alpha-numeric. * New customers can be added during transaction entry. * Field to reference the customer ID used in the Utilit-e Connect application. * Allows multiple notes to be attached to the customer record, each invoice, payment document, and each transaction. * Finance charges can be calculated based on selected groups of accounts or customer classes. Finance charges can be calculated based on invoice date or invoice due date. * Additional Features: * Payments can be allocated across several outstanding invoices. * You are able to group accounts for reporting purposes. * Automatic generation of ”Due To“ and ”Due From“ entries if sales or payments involve more than one fund. * Automatic posting to General Ledger, Cash Manager, Inventory, Work Orders and Project Costing, when applicaple. * Unlimited history retention, including inactive customers. * Supports printing of open-item and balance-forward statements. Statements can be reprinted for previous periods. * Allows for the sale of serialized inventory, such as water heaters for example. * A wide variety of reports, including customer aging, invoices, statements, GL account distribution, sales by sales code, sales tax, and many others.

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