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The Service Order module supports several types of service orders: read-in, read-out, disconnect for nonpayment, reconnect, and meter change orders. You can choose to have service orders generated automatically or manually, within the Service Order module. Additionally, the Service Orders module allows you to define orders, such as “High Bill Complaints” and “Tree Trimming Request“.

Some of the key features and benefits of the Service Order module, include:

  • Service Order Wizard - The service order wizard will initiate and maintain your service orders. The wizard will walk your staff members through the entire order entry process. Depending on your companies needs you can turn on/off certain steps of the wizard process.
  • Service Order Tracking - Service orders, tracked in the Service Order module, are maintained by storing a detailed record of the steps within each order that are completed, or are pending. Then the next individual or department needed to work on the project is notified when all prerequisite steps are completed so they can start their own respective steps.
  • Credit Check - The Service Order module can verify a applicants credit history internally or externally.
  • Landlords - The Service Order module will store a transactional history of landlords for a service location. The “auto landlord“ designation enables services to be left on when a tenant moves out. If “auto landlord” is turned on, and there is not a tenant residing in the property, bills for services are directed to the landlord’s account.

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"Service Orders" is part of the Utilit-e Connect line of products, developed by Professional Computer Systems.

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