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The Customer Service module will completely handle your customer account management. In addition to managing all of your customer accounts, you can also create and view customer accounts in the Customer Service module. The Customer Service module also features a deep and effective inquiry system to help you find all the data you need.

Some of the Key Features and Benefits of the Customer Service Module include:

  • Lookup Methods - You are able to find accounts by: account number, member number, service order number, driver’s license, social security number, phone number, name of any applicant on the account, mailing address, service address, location number, location coordinate, parcel identification number, service coordinate, reading route-sequence, meter number, meter serial number, transformer number, transformer serial number, or transformer location.
  • Account at a Glance - The first screen you see after selecting an account is designed to give you a quick overview of the account; with the ability to drill-down to receive more information.
  • Alerts - Alerts can be displayed on the “at a glance” screen. Alerts come in the form of messages, pending orders, and disconnection due to nonpayment or meter tampering warnings.
  • Unlimited Applicants per Account - Records can be kept for an unlimited number of people on each accounts. Additionally, each applicant can be associated with the account as the primary account holder, spouse, roommate, reference, business, partner, officer, etc. Applicant records can be tied to multiple accounts
  • Statement History - Any statement on any account can be viewed or reprinted. Additionally, adjusted bills can be easily represented as well
  • AR Balance - The AR (Accounts Receivable) Balance screen lists an account’s unpaid statements and the detail of the charges comprising those statements. The Summary of Charges and Payments screen provides a chronological breakdown of the charges and payments on an account.
  • Delinquent History - For ease of interpretation a simple grid display of delinquent activity on an account provides a view of delinquent trends. Additionally, events can be associated with the generation of a statement, returned check, penalty notice, disconnect notice, write-off and many more.
  • Usage History - The Customer Service module will maintain a complete usage history for every register of every meter. In the Customer Service module you are able to view actual usage history, showing every reading and adjustment.

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"Customer Service" is part of the Utilit-e Connect line of products, developed by Professional Computer Systems.

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