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The Billing module is capable of billing for a wide array of services such as: electric, water, sewer, propane, long distance telephone, Internet, cable, trash, security lights and loans. The Billing module allows you to generate a bill for a customer for any combination of services on their account. Charges can be calculated in many ways, thanks to the flexible rate structure setup.

Some key features and benefits of the Billing module include

  • Flexible Modular Rate Structure - Billing amounts are calculated using an extensive array of methods of calculations. This allows you to add fixed charges, calculate fees based on fees, fees based on different services, fees based on tariffs, fees based on complex formulas, and fees based on start and stop dates.
  • Statements - The standard statements generated in the Billing module are made in several formats. These formats include items such as rate code, previous and current reading, usage and number of days of service, amount due, total payments received since last statement, adjustments, due date, total by service address, and a breakdown of past due charges. In addition, messages can be printed on the statement as an overall company message, for a specific rate or revenue code, based on age of balance, budget customers or inactive accounts.
  • Single Statement for Multiple Service Locations - The Billing module allows you to create one statement for services at several locations.
  • Adjustments - In the Billing module, adjustment routines are segregated into several independent procedures; these procedures being: revenue adjustment, non-revenue adjustment, returned checks, payment reversal, balance transfers, and payment arrangements. This facilitates the separation of duties and assigning of various security levels to different users.
  • Automated Adjustment Recalculation - The revenue adjustment procedure is utilized to make adjustments on permanent services (e.g. electric, water, sewer). The revenue adjustment program automatically calculates the adjustment based on the corrected parameters (e.g. rate, revenue code, reading, read date) entered.

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