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  • Use as a stand alone system or interfaced with PBCS General Ledger.
  • Provides multi-company capabilities.
  • Provides multi-department capabilities.
  • Provides multi-pay frequency capabilities.
  • Provides multi-state capabilities.
  • Allows multiple earnings and deduction types. Up to 99 codes.
  • Allows you to specify taxable status of each deduction and earnings type.
  • Allows for proper handling of tax deferred annuity deductions.
  • “Ad Hoc” inquiry capability allows immediate retrieval of virtually all employee and transaction data stored in the data base with a few keystrokes.


  • Payroll Checks and Check Register
  • Employee Earnings Analysis
  • Deductions Analysis
  • Tax Analysis
  • Quarterly governmental reporting
  • Form W-2
  • General Ledger Distribution
  • Departmental Labor Distribution
  • Workmen’s Compensation Analysis

Data Entry

  • Provides for rapid entry of hours worked or dollars earned by earnings type.
  • Provides automatic salary generation.
  • Allows manual checks and associated deductions to be processed.
  • Provides for the entry of one time voluntary deductions.

Voluntary Deductions

  • Allows up to 99 different codes.
  • Allows deductions to be processed as fixed or variable amounts or as percents of gross pay.
  • Annual limits may be applied.
  • Allows you to specify the frequency of deductions for each employee.
  • Provides for missed deductions to be caught up once funds are available.

Tax Calculation

  • Maintains tax rates and other tax calculation information in tables that are easily changed when tax laws change.
  • Allows state withholding taxes to be calculated based on rates, exemptions and add-on amounts, or to be calculated as a percent of gross earnings or federal tax.
  • Provides flags in employee master to exclude FICA or FWT from calculation.
  • Allows additional federal withholding to be deducted automatically.
  • Provides for the calculation of state unemployment insurance and allows for reciprocal SUI agreements between states.
  • Handles calculation of taxes for employees working in multiple tax localities.
  • Provides for the calculation of employer liability for FICA, state and federal unemployment based on rates you maintain.

Check Generation

  • Prints deduction name and earnings type name current and YTD on check stub.
  • Provides flag in employee master to exclude an employee from check writing.
  • Allows selective check reprinting.
  • Prints check register.
  • Allows automatic check reversal.

Other System Highlights

  • Allows comprehensive departmental breakdowns of general ledger information.
  • Provides for the creation of the appropriate distributions to general ledger accounts generated by a payroll.
  • Interfaces with PBCS General Ledger to transfer information in summary or detail without reentry.
  • Provides convenient on-line check inquiry.
  • Allows on-line, up-to-date inquiry into the earnings, tax and deduction history information for each employee.
  • Utilizes the capabilities of the ORACLE(tm) data base management system.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Payroll Checkwriting:

"Payroll Checkwriting" is part of the Foundation Series Financials line of products, developed by Professional Business Computer Systems.