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  • Use stand alone or interfaced with other PBCS Foundation Series applications.
  • Provides multi-company capabilities.
  • Provides multi-division capabilities.
  • Allows detail entry of cash receipts, cash disbursements, sales, purchases, and general journal entries.
  • Provides “Ad Hoc“ inquiry capability for immediate retrieval of virtually all company and transaction data stored in the data base with a few simple keystrokes.
  • Allows 1-53 accounting periods.
  • Provides comparative of current, budget and last year data with variance presented as + or - dollars and ratio.

General Systems Information:

  • Allows Accrual or Cash maintenance of books of original entry.
  • Allows rapid setup of new company by copying wanted information from a previously setup company or custom design for new company.
  • Provides flexible general ledger account number containing department number, sub-accounts, etc… up to 14 digits allowed.
  • Allows Financial Statements to be custom designed to fit the company’s needs…
  • Allows years, both fiscal and calendar to be handled automatically.
  • Provides for 132 column printer use.
  • Allows reruns to be made for any period at any time since the system does not require month-end close.
  • Allows corrections to be made to the data by changing the transaction only… all reports will reflect corrected balances.
  • Allows ”Ad Hoc“ inquiry reports to be displayed on the screen or sent to the printer for hard copy.
  • Provides automatic formatting of Financial Statements.
  • Allows General Ledger Reports to be presented in summary or detail, balance forward or accumulative, for any period at any time.
  • Allows year end general ledger and payroll data to be retained for comparative purposes. A listing of all closing entries is produced.
  • Allows Payroll Accumulation Reports to be prepared after-the-fact for any time period for departmental analysis or preparation of governmental reports such as 941’s, W-2’s, 1099’s.

Financial Reporting

General Ledger Report:

  • Presented in summary or detail, for any period, at any time.

Financial Statements:

  • Multiple Total Levels-User Controlled.
  • Arithmetic - add, subtract, multiply or divide any account with another or with a constant.
  • Dollars and / or Units
  • Memo Accounts
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Prior, Current, Year-to-Date, Last Year, or Budget Balances may be printed.
  • Variance Calculations-Last Year and / or Budget.
  • Percentage Calculations.
  • Page Header / Footers.
  • Automatic Date Printing.
  • Descriptive Text within the Reports.
  • Automatic Net Profit Calculation.
  • Logical Branching within the Reports.
  • Utilizes the capabilities of the ORACLE™ data base management system.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with General Ledger:

"General Ledger" is part of the Foundation Series Financials line of products, developed by Professional Business Computer Systems.