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  • Interfaces with PBCS General Ledger.
  • Provides multi-company capabilities.
  • Provides multi-division capabilities.
  • Provides flexible aging setup that allows you to define aging periods.
  • “Ad Hoc“ inquiry capability allows immediate retrieval of virtually all vendor and transaction data stored in the data base including total purchases to-date, year-to-date, paid invoices, unpaid invoices with a few simple keystrokes.


  • Transaction Analysis
  • Cash Requirements Forecast
  • Accounts Payable Checks
  • Accounts Payable Check Register
  • Vendor Analysis
  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Check Register History

Data Entry

  • Provides for invoice, debit memo, credit memo posting.
  • Provides for default and multiple general ledger distributions.
  • Provides for default vendor terms which may be changed for an individual invoice.
  • Provides for automatic calculation of due dates and discount based on vendor terms.
  • Allows discount by amounts or percentage.
  • Allows manually written checks to be processed through the system.

Cash Requirements Forecast

  • Allows entry of date of check run and date of next check run.
  • Provides cash needs to pay past due, currently due and due based on discount.
  • Provides discounts lost and available.
  • Provides a note of invoice status such as ”Hold“, ”Delayed“, ”Credit Balance“ and ”Partial Payment“.
  • Allows ”Planned Pay Date“ to override invoice due date.

Payment Selection

  • Allows selection of individual invoices.
  • Allows selection of all unpaid invoices by vender range.
  • Allows selection of unpaid invoices by invoice due date and discount date.
  • Allows partial payment of invoices.
  • Allows forced discount by vendor or by selected invoice.
  • Allows hold of vendor or single invoices.

Vendor Status

  • Provides vendor screen inquiry or report listing showing payments and discounts taken and lost this year and last year, last payment date, amount and check number.
  • Allows on-line up-to-date inquiry into invoice status.
  • Provides Aged Trial Balance showing open invoice total, future, current and four periods past in summary by vendor or with detail.
  • Allows selective purge of history.

Other System Highlights

  • Provides on-line check inquiry.
  • Provides for selective check reprinting.
  • Allows for automatic check reversal.
  • During invoice data entry, vendor and general ledger numbers are verified, invoice and distribution amounts are accumulated and displayed by voucher, vendor, and overall totals.
  • Allows general ledger distribution to be printed and can automatically be transferred to the General Ledger system in summary or detail.
  • Provides comprehensive ”printed“ audit trails throughout the system.
  • Utilizes the capabilities of the ORACLE(tm) data base management system.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Accounts Payable:

"Accounts Payable" is part of the Foundation Series Financials line of products, developed by Professional Business Computer Systems.