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If you need to make similar project or task structures regularly, create a template to automate the process! This will save time and money!

Templates help you to recreate similar projects without needing to go through the same procedures to create a project normally. Using templates can streamline your project workflow process.

Complex and detailed project information such as a mixture of dates, time, resources and scheduling can all be carried over onto a Project from a template.

Key Features

  • Easy Task templates
  • Project templates (Advanced plan only)
  • Hassle free re-creation of similar projects
  • Carry over key project information- dates, time, resource allocation and scheduling
  • Recurring task templates
  • Flexible drag and drop task editor
  • Add multiple templates to a project
  • Repetitions in your workflow can easily be automated through the use of project and task templates. This enables you to spend less time on excess administration work and more time on the actual work!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Templates:

"Templates" is part of the ProWorkflow line of products, developed by ProActiveSoftware.