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Using the central project pages and timeline, project managers can easily assign projects and tasks and keep track of time tracked and deadlines. The live alerts will keep project managers informed of all activity on projects and tasks.

Key Features

  • Assign users to tasks to view who work on what task at a glance
  • Allocate Time to tasks
  • Time allocated can be split equally to each assigned User and each day Note: eight hours per day is standard for all users. Time allocated can be exceeded but will show in red
  • Workload calculation is shown below the timeline in the project detail page
  • Time summary (weekly/monthly view) for each Project can be exported to Excel
  • Staff Workload Schedule Report
  • Staff Performance Report
  • View the summary of Staff Performance/workload at the Contacts Manager
  • Overdue items show in red and easily see which tasked need more staff of Time Allocated
  • Time Summary can be filtered by staff member, be grouped by projects
  • Hourly rate for Staff and Task in Quotes/invoices settings

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Resource Management:

"Resource Management" is part of the ProWorkflow line of products, developed by ProActiveSoftware.