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A developer of business management software.

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PrioSoft was founded in 1986 to provide superior business organization software to small businesses. That software included the basic components for managing a business, i.e.; Contact Management (CRM) to handle the marketing and selling functions of an organization, Accounting to address the financial needs and Inventory Control for the products that are to be sold.

Through the years, the software took on different modules to address the needs of numerous targeted audiences till PrioSoft found the construction market.

PrioSoft has been concentrating all of its efforts on addressing the needs of residential and commercial construction contractors since 1999 with our product, Contractor’s Office construction cost estimating software. After analyzing numerous other cost estimating systems in this market, PrioSoft found a large gap in the systems available for the small to medium contractor and has addressed that audience with superior estimating software since.

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