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The flexible set up allows the building of a system which makes it very easy for the actual users to estimate jobs, using the various building-bricks, or even easier using templates. Alternative estimates and quotes are made quickly with a single click on a button.

The use of templates

When you quote, you can choose to use a standard template which contains all the necessary price items in an estimation. The advantages of using a standard template are: you can make estimations automatic, you can do estimations quickly, your estimations will be similar - and nothing will be forgotten.

Errors can be very expensive, so PrintVis reduces errors by asking all the right questions and lead the estimator through all the issues in the question.

Be competitive- get the orders

The PrintVIS Estimation gives you all the key figures you need. Once estimated, PrintVis offers a complete overview on the economic figures of a job. When setting the price for the quotation, PrintVis grants information on Direct Costs, Total Costs, Overhead, Mark Up and Sales price for the job, allowing you to be creative about the quotes you offer to your customers. This will help you in a very competitive business.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Estimating and Quoting:

"Estimating and Quoting" is part of the PrintVis line of products, developed by PrintVis.