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Positive Pay security stops check fraud before checks are cashed

PayPilot™ makes implementation of Positive Pay security simple and convenient. When checks are printed through PayPilot, a Positive Pay file is created. The file contains payment information including check number, date, amount, and payee. PayPilot contains integrated communications facilities for modem transmission of the Positive Pay file to your bank.

When a check is presented at your bank for payment, the bank reviews your Positive Pay transmissions to see if the check is valid. A check will only be honored if the Positive Pay transmission matches the payment details.

PayPilot also can provide Reverse Positive Pay, where the bank transmits to you a file of checks presented for payment, giving you an opportunity to deny payment where fraud has occurred.

Financial institutions have a variety of Positive Pay file formats. As part of your PayPilot contract, we will customize the file format to match the one used by your institution.

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"Positive Pay" is part of the PayPilot line of products, developed by Prelude Software.

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