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PayPilot™ MICR check printing allows negotiable checks to be printed on blank safety stock instead of pre-printed forms. Did you know that the average cost per payment using preprinted check stock is $1.90? Switching from preprinted to blank safety stock saves companies 80% on every check issued. The savings are even greater in situations where checks are printed for multiple companies and/or multiple bank accounts.

We customize the check form to your needs, including company logo, address, and payee information. Digital signatures can also be incorporated to cut down on manual effort and costs.

The MICR line on the check is printed using a specially designed printer containing MICR laser toner. Prelude Software can provide you a turn-key MICR printing system, including the latest and most reliable MICR printers.

Oftentimes, the savings in pre-printed stock alone will cost-justify the investment in software and MICR printers.

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